ricoh to nikon to canon to fujifilm x

My first camera was a Ricoh film camera which my big brother gave me as a gift when I turned 15. I took that camera everywhere, and mostly photographed my friends and my travels to the US and Israel. I grew up and was living in Istanbul, Turkey back then.  

Cut to 2010 when I started to learn how to work a DSLR and got myself a Nikon D90 with a nifty fifty, which I loved. A few years later I felt the need to 'upgrade' to Canon 5D Mark III, and while I was happy with the images I was making, the weight of the system was bringing me down, and eventually I had a back injury and was unable to carry it on me every day.


That's when I discovered mirrorless cameras and read and watched hundreds of reviews on Fujifilm X series and made the final switch to a new system, and I fell in love with photography all over again. 

Now my kit consists of X100F, X-T1, X-Pro2 and X70 (a personal recommendation by Kevin Mullins - and I'm happy I took his advice).